Bai Ju Yi Tang Dynasty Ancient Chinese Poem Scroll

100% Handmade Calligraphy - Not A Print - Only $32.99!

Size: 11" X 32" (25Cm X 80 Cm) - Also available in larger sizes

Bai Ju Yi Chinese Poem Scroll

Script: Poem will be written in the Lishu official calligraphy script. This popular style is clear and smooth.

Poem Translation: Wish you can live as old as the earth and the sky, Wish you can shine as bright as the moon and the sun.

Pronunciation in Pinyin: Yu3 Tian1 Di4 Xi1 Bi3 Sou4, Yu3 Ri4 Yue4 Xi1 Tong2 Guang1

About the Poem and Writer: This poem was written by Bai Ju Yi (772-846). He was an elite scholar and poet during the Tang Dynasty and composed a large variety of poems, many of which are still popular today. One feature of his poems is that they are easy to understand. Because of his skill at crafting easy to understand poems with deep meaning he was called "King Poet." His poems also greatly influenced Japan and Korea. 

This is part of a long poem describing his sorrow for the departing of his best friend. People like to take this part out for good wishes for longevity and recite it for toasts. It can also be given to your loved one as a wish that they can live forever.

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