Li Bai Mountain Waterfall Chinese Poem Scroll

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Size: 11" X 32" (25Cm X 80 Cm) - Also available in larger sizes

Li Bai Waterfall Chinese Poem Scroll

Script: Poem will be written in the Lishu official calligraphy script. This popular style is clear and smooth.

Poem Translation: The water fall’s torrent dashes down three thousand feet from high, As if the Silver River fell from azure sky.

Pronunciation in Pinyin: Fei1 Liu2 Zhi2 Xia4 San1 Qian1 Chi3, Yi2 Shi4 Yin2 He2 Luo4 Jiu3 Tian1

About the Poem and Writer: This famous Chinese poem was written by Li Bai (701-762). He is widely regarded as the best Chinese poet who has ever lived. Thousands of his poem are well known and have been classics. His poems are filled with romance, beauty, and emotion. He wrote this poem depicting the natural beauty of the waterfall in LuShan Mountain. In typical, Li Bai style, he uses many vivid verbs to let the reader feel as if they are right in front of the waterfall themselvs.

Title: Gazing at the LuShan Mountain Water Fall

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