Chinese Seals for Signature / Chinese Chop With Your Own Name


We can help you customize your very own Chinese seal. When you order we will translate your name into Chinese characters for free, and our master engraver will carve them into the stone by hand.

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A solid stone in your hand. A clean white sheet of paper. A firm stamp down. There it is! Your name in Chinese characters appearing like magic. Highlighted in enduring red ink that can last for generations. Beautiful. Artistic. Our custom Chinese seal will allow you to explore the full breadth of your creative mind with a chop made exactly how you want it.

Each stone will have a stylish pattern around the top of the chop and a dongle for decoration. More importantly our world class engraver will hand carve your name in Chinese into the stone. Years of daily practice is hard work for him, but it means a high quality seal deftly customized for you. To ensure a sharp stamp image, we will first stamp it it and inspect the results to make sure they are up to par.

Generations of Chinese and Asians alike have used stone seals to sign their name, or mark their art as a genuine. Historically, these have been almost like a household heirloom passed down from parent to child. But they are also used to mark the passing of art from person to another. You likely know that Chinese artists and calligraphy writers use their own seals to mark their paintings. What you probably don’t know, is that if an artist gifts a piece of art to a friend he then may mark it with his own chop, signifying it belongs to him now. Then when he gives it to the next one, he does it again. So one piece of art may have many stamps from different owners.

Now you can have your very own custom Chinese seal and take part in this historic and meaningful tradition. Better yet, start your own tradition using this seal for you own hobby. Traditional uses include stamping calligraphy and paintings. You can’t go wrong there. Other ideas include a Chinese scrapbook of your vacation using your stamp as a decoration or surprising your friends by using it to sign your name on greeting cards or wedding invitations. But my favorite idea? A Chinese themed date night with napkins and origami hand stamped with your Chinese seal, a love note stamped, and then top it off with a custom Chinese seal gift made for your partner. Practice using chopsticks during the meal and your chops after the meal, all while listening to some pleasant Chinese music.

White square seal features:

  • Natural white stone
  • Attractive dongle for decoration
  • 0.78 inches (2 CM) square
  • 5 unique fonts available for you to pick
  • Hand carved by a master
  • Free gift box included with ink paste set order

The emperors of China past used seals for official decrees and correspondence. Later artists took up the practice to stamp their mark of authenticity on their calligraphy. Next in this evolution? You. Purchase easily online today.

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