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We can help you customize your very own Chinese seal. When you order we will translate your name into Chinese characters for free, and our master engraver will carve them by hand into the stone.

This seal features an attractive red and white stone, oval in shape.

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Celebrate your art and mark your ownership over it forever with our custom Chinese artist seal. Its convenient size and oval shape make it popular with calligraphers, painters, and hobbyists alike. Its red and white flowery hue gleam and beckon for your firm hand.

If you were to wander down an art street in China, you would find something in common. Every single painting and calligraphy would be hand stamped with a bright red seal. Most of these art paintings would include not just one, but two seal impressions. What are they for? One is for marking the creator of the painting. This is the painter’s name , normally three characters. The other is more of a creative seal and could include a short phrase or special idea like “peace” or “love forever” or just about anything the painter wants to convey to his audience. My wife uses a creative seal with the word ‘Immanuel.”

So painters use seals to mark their art as their own like a signature or to decorate it with a slogan. At the same time, stone carvings are themselves an art form in China. In fact they are considered one of the four national art treasures (painting, poems, calligraphy are the others.)

Artists are creative so sometimes they tire of basic square seals and try to really live on the edge by going with an oval! Another reason to choose an oval Chinese artist seal is because they are idea for fitting an odd number of characters that don’t work so well with squares. If the name you want translated to Chinese contains three syllables then oval would be a very good choice.

We will translate your name into Chinese for free for your custom chop. Generally these names are translated based on the sounds. But we can also take your characters for your Chinese name if you have them . Next each character will be deftly hand carved into the natural stone to create an artistic stamp. With this high quality stamp you can elegantly sign your Chinese name into any art or calligraphy that you create.

Oval Artist Seal Features:

  • Natural red stone
  • Hand engraved by a master
  • Free name translation
  • Free gift box when ordering an ink set
  • 2 custom fonts to choose from (white or red lines, the demo picture shows the style available, though the shape will be oval)
  • Size: 0.39 X 0.78 X 2 inches (1 X 2 X 5 CM)
  • Stones are natural and may differ from example picture

Our gift set that comes with an ink set purchase includes a decorative gift box, porcelain ink set with red paste, and an attractive drawstring bag to hold the chop. It will certainly make a highly memorable gift that a student, teacher, graduate, or aspiring artist would treasure for a long time.

And with your name on a Chinese artist seal, who could argue that you are indeed an artist of world-renown? Make that next step to becoming the artist you have always dreamed of being and order your very own stone seal.

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