Crystal Dragon Chinese Name Chop / Beautiful Carved Dragon Seal


Our custom Chinese seal features an engraved dragon and a beautiful white crystal stone that is slightly translucent.

We will translate your name into Chinese symbols for free and then our master engraver will carve them into your stone by hand.

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One of the most popular souvenirs in China are the cool Chinese seal stamps like this one. This lovely stamp is made out of a translucent white crystal. The top of this stone features an engraved dragon. Dragons are very popular in China and denote prosperity and good luck. Also dragon is one of the twelve years in the Chinese calendar.

This seal stamp will be completely personalized for you. We can translate your English name into Chinese or you can send us the Chinese symbols that you like.

Fonts include both the ancient seal script or more modern Chinese. Additionally, you can have your name in English as well (provided it is not too long!)

Chinese seal stamp features:

  • All natural white stone (may vary a little bit from the picture)
  • 3 X 3 X 6.78 CM (1.18 X 1.18 X 2.66 inches)
  • Hand made and engraved by a master
  • Customize with one of 5 different fonts 
  • Free gift box with ink set purchase
  • Free name translation by our expert
  • Personalized and friendly service
  • Unique tracking number

Chinese seal stamps can be used for many different art projects. The most common use in China is to sign Chinese calligraphy. Marking wedding invitations, scrap book decorations, or games like “stamp the chop on the envelope” (think pin the tail on the donkey) are just a few of the almost endless possibilities.

What are you waiting for? Get your engraved dragon personal name chop today!

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