Dragon Name Seal / Rectangular Chinese Signature Seal


Are you looking for a dragon Chinese seal? This seal has a very Chinese dragon etched on the surface. The stone itself is a rectangle, making it a popular shape for signatures and also for artists wanting to do calligraphy stamping.

This seal features a lustrous reddish stone, with an ornate Oriental dragon carved into one …

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China… Dragon… Dragon… China. These words go hand in hand like salt and pepper or Lionel Messi and football. There isn’t much more Chinese than a good dragon. We have combined the art of the dragon with the art of stone seal carving. You can have your name hand engraved on a special stone featuring a dragon raising up from the surface to greet you.

Stone seals have been used in China for a long time, but even they don’t date back to the myth of the dragon. While dragons aren’t seen much these days in China, stone seals still are. Artists use them for calligraphy. But they are also used for decoration. And many people enjoy having a few in their collection for signing their name in an artistic and attractive way.

If you would prefer to have a lovely stamp of your signature to use for special items or occasions instead of using your own writing (which we are sure is amazing as well), then we can help you. Ordering a custom seal is quick and easy. Simply put your name into the text field and we will translate it for you or use the Chinese characters if you already know them. After that, our expert engraver will carve your name into a stone where it will last nearly forever.

Chinese Rectangle Dragon Seal Things to Know:

  • Natural stone (which may differ from example picture)
  • The stamp size is 1.5 X 3 X 4.5 CM (0.59 X 1.18 X 1.77 inches).
  • Free name translation
  • Hand carved by master
  • Free gift box with ink set order
  • 5 custom fonts to choose from

Stone seals are a key part of Chinese culture and history. And many stories and legends feature the dragon. We are proud to combine these two treasures of Chinese culture into a stamp that can help you create art you too can be proud of.

Purchasing online is extremely easy. Simply fill out the selections and your custom seal will be on the way.

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