Engraved Chinese Name Chop Square, Red Stone Seal / Stamp Engraving, Personalize With Your Name


We can help you customize your very own Chinese seal. When you order we will translate your name into Chinese characters for free, and our master engraver will carve them by hand into the stone.

This seal features an attractive red stone, which is square, the most common shape traditionally for Chinese chops.

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Our all natural red stone is an excellent choice for your very own Chinese chop stamp. Seals have been around for millennia in China with only one thing missing, your name. Not to worry. Our expert translator can translate your name into Chinese symbols which will be hand carved into this lovely stone. Generally names are translated into Chinese by sound so characters are picked which will match the sounds of your English name. Alternatively, you can send us the symbols if you already have a Chinese name or ask us to choose a meaningful name for you.

Our stone chops are very professional. Each one is carved by hand on an all natural stone by our experienced engraver. Then the stamp will be tested to ensure that the result is sharp and stands out elegantly on the paper. A demo impression will be sent as well so you can see how it should appear. In case you are not very familiar with Chinese characters we will also mark which direction is up to avoid any possible confusion.

The Chinese chop stamp will make a discerning gift for teachers, graduates, or colleagues, especially if you are looking to present a unique and special gift which is sure to be remembered. The stamp itself has the heft that comes with quality. The weight of the stone is pleasing to a firm grip and you will have a sense of satisfaction as you transform your art and mark its authenticity with a stamp that will last.

Red Square Chop Things to Know:

  • Natural stone (which may differ from example picture)
  • Size: 0.78 inches square (2 CM)
  • Free name translation
  • Hand carved by master
  • Free gift box with ink set order
  • 5 custom fonts to choose from

Stone seals have been used in China for thousands of years. The very first seals discovered were carved into bone and the script is quite different from now. First their use was limited to Emperors and then to royalty until eventually their use became commonplace. Nowadays most Chinese people still use ancient seal script for their seals. However, we offer several different styles to choose from including more modern Chinese characters.

Chinese stamps themselves have many different uses. The most common is for calligraphers and painters to use as seal signatures. However, hobbyists use them for all kinds of projects and many tourists to China enjoy having something so cultural and traditional in their collection which they can pull out and show off to their friends.

Chinese chops are cool. You are too. You are also unique. How many of your friends have one? Probably not many. Be the first. An ancient Chinese idiom is translated “The first person to eat a crab must have been very brave.” Or maybe it was, “The first among friends to order a Chinese chop stamp is the wisest.” The wise choice is clearly to order your very own.

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