Engraved Dragon Chinese Chop, Stone Seal / Stamp, Personalize With Your Name


Our engraved dragon Chinese chop will be custom made just for you. We will translate your name into Chinese characters for free, and our master engraver will carve them into the stone seal by hand for your very own name stamp.

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Looking to buy your very own custom made Chinese name stamp? Look no farther! Our translator will translate your name into Chinese characters for free. Or if you already have a Chinese name send us the characters and we will happily use those. Our expert engraver will carve the selected name into the stone by hand. This is not an easy process and takes years to master. The skill of the engraver is very important and our engraver does this as a full time job, guaranteeing a clear and quality impression. Each Chinese name stamp is tested first to make sure the chop stamp appears properly on the paper. We then include this stamped impression as a demo together with your chop and label its directions to make sure you know which way to stamp it!

Perhaps there is nothing more “Chinese” than a dragon. Dragons are one of the most meaningful symbols in Chinese culture. Decorations feature dragons, which are considered to be a symbol of strength, power, and auspiciousness. And dragons are the fifth year of the zodiac. As such our engraved dragon seal is our very most popular one. Of course its art, so you will have to look carefully to see the dragon weaving back and forth through the maze on top of this splendid stone.

What you need to know:

  • Features an engraved dragon, the most symbolic and mythical creature in China, on top of the stone.
  • Natural red stone with shiny luster.
  • 1 inch (2.5 cm) square.
  • If you order the accompanying Chinese ink set, an elegant gift box pictured will be included for free.
  • Choose any of the five font styles.
  • Stones are completely natural so yours may vary from the picture.
  • Write your first OR last name in the text box when purchasing (or both if they are together four syllables or less!) Also, we can instead carve your Chinese name if you already have one.
  • This stamp is a hot seller on Etsy with great reviews!

Chinese name stamps are very important in Chinese culture and name stamping is considered to be one of the four precious arts in China (painting, calligraphy, and poetry are the others.) Most often they are used by calligraphy artists who stamp each piece to mark its authenticity, much like a Western artists signs his name. These stones come in all different shapes and sizes. One will be used with a short saying or phrase at the beginning of the art and one with the artist’s name at the end.

But there are many other uses for these seals if you are creative. The stamps are quite attractive and vibrant with the red ink so they really stand out on paper (either rice paper or just “regular” paper.) You can use them for making a scrapbook, signing a wedding invitation, or chopping your black belt graduation invitations. The sky is the limit!

Perhaps your friend has adopted a child from China. Order a Chinese name stamp for them as a welcome home gift! Perhaps your child is learning Chinese. Buy one of our seals as a surprise gift to encourage them to keep studying hard! Whatever the cause, I hope you will tell us what you plan to use yours for.

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