Engraved Lion Chinese Chop, Stone Seal / Stamp, Personalize With Your Name


Our engraved lion Chinese chop will feature your name in Chinese characters. This seal stamp is carved as a sitting lion, which denotes strength and nobility in Chinese culture. When you order we will translate your name into Chinese characters for free, and our master engraver will carve them by hand into the stone.

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Here is one of our most popular Chinese seal carvings. A proud lion graces the natural yellow stone. In Chinese culture, lions are well known symbols portraying strength and protection and a favorite symbol of past royalty. If you spend long in China you will be sure to see these guardian lions (often referred to as shishi) carved in stone in front of many buildings such as supermarkets, hotels, or restaurants. These normally seen in pairs and are believed to have special protective powers.

Our Chinese seal carving with a guardian lion can personalized with your own name, which we will translate for you into Chinese characters. These can be carved according to the font style you choose, including both the ancient seal script or more modern script. You can also choose to have a red or white stamp. Our stone engraver has been carving these chops full time for years and is very professional. Each seal will therefore be checked and tried before shipping to make sure that the stamp impression is smooth and clear.

Stone stamping is considered to be on of China’s four most important art forms. Aside from his brush, his chop is the most important tool a calligrapher or artist can own. Each piece of art he makes will be stamped to sign his signature into the painting and mark it as his very own. Many visitors to China also enjoy having their own custom seal made as a souvenir. While there are many uses for these seals, the process of stamping is the most enjoyable.

No flimsy plastic here. Solid stone. You will feel the weight in your hand as you carefully and firmly push it down onto your desired project. When you remove it, presto! There is your name in Chinese appearing like magic on the paper! Your art is marked as your own forever.

Lion Seal Features:

  • Engraved Lion
  • 1 Inch (2.5 CM) square chop face
  • Natural vibrant yellow stone (actual stone may vary from picture since each one is unique)
  • Five different font styles available for customization
  • A free gift box with purchase of ink set

Chinese seals have been an integral part of Chinese culture and tradition for thousands of years. But it has never been easier to have a Chinese seal carving custom made as your very own. Also they make a special and unique gift item. Here are a few occasions you might give a name chop as a gift for. Weddings, adoption, martial arts graduation or advancement, Chinese language learning award, and much more! What do you plan to use yours for? Get one today and start those creative juices flowing!

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