Japanese Hanko Chop / Hanko Seal Engraving


Looking for your very own Japanese hanko chop? We can help you carve your own hanko seal stamp using Japanese kanji characters. We can translate your name into Japanese kanji and our master engraver will hand carve it. Hanko stamps have been used by Japanese for thousands of years.

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This lovely square stamp is made of a green jade stone. It is a custom seal stamp, meaning you can personalize it how you want. You choose the name, the style, and the set. Meanwhile we also offer more custom options like a simple logo so you can tell us these requests by email.

We will hand carve your chosen name into the stone face with engraving tools. It takes delicacy and precision to make a stamp impression which is beautiful and clear. This is not only a discipline which takes a lot of skill, but seal carving is considered to be one of the top four arts in China and seal chops themselves are highly treasured by artists and lay people alike.

Fonts include both the ancient seal script or more modern Chinese. Additionally, you can have your name in English as well (provided it is not too long!)

Custom seal stamp features:

  • All natural green jade
  • 2.5 X 2.5 X 6.5 CM (1 X 1 X 2.55 inches)
  • Hand made and engraved by a master
  • Customize with one of 5 different fonts 
  • Free gift box with ink set purchase
  • Free name translation by our expert

Ready to order? Write in your name in the text box, and add an ink set and gift box (or not, though they are very nice!) If your name is English we will translate it into Chinese for you at no extra charge. And if you already have the Chinese characters for your name, just put those in. We want you to get what you want, exactly how you want it.

If you have been looking all over the internet for the perfect custom seal stamp, we hope you will look no further and give us a try. We have been shipping these all over the world and have yet to get one complaint from someone who doesn’t like the quality of the engraving we do. Try us out!

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