This scroll features the Chinese symbols for "Jesus Loves You." In Chinese Pinyin it is pronounced "Ye1 Su1 Ai4 Ni3." These are very common characters and easy for all Chinese people to understand. This "Jesus Loves You" scroll is a perfect gift and elegant wall hanging to remind you of Christ's love no matter what happens.

One of the very first phrases I learned in Chinese is "Jesus Loves You." Whether taking a taxi, giving a tip, extending a Chinese New Year blessing, or responding to someone who asks why we are helping an orphan, "Jesus Loves You" is always a good conversation starter. 

Our goal in starting this business was to spread Bible verses and the message of Christ's love in calligraphy around the world. It is our hope that when someone sees Jesus loves you in Chinese hanging on your wall they will ask you "what is that?" and you will then have an opportunity to share about Christ. In Deuteronomy 6 we are commanded to talk about Christ wherever we are. We have found that by hanging up an exotic Oriental scroll it provides an easy starting point for talking about Jesus with others. We hope that you will find the same is true and share with us your experiences.

Script: Will be written in the Lishu official calligraphy script. This popular style is clear and smooth.

Size: 11" X 32" (25Cm X 80 Cm) - Also available in larger sizes

Click links for flower background example, bamboo background, and bamboo and butterfly background.

Also you can choose a custom inscription, perfect for gifts! Click link for an example of a personalized message in English. You can choose any message for your own inscription. The length of the scroll may be adjusted slightly to accommodate your inscription.

Jesus Loves You

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