If you want custom Chinese seal engraving, we've got it. Well, if you don't want, we also still have it. So what are you looking at it?

It is a square stone. The surface is smooth and cool. Its shiny and reflects light, but also is a bit translucent. The color is almost like golden honey in the summer, or spring, or really any season. Let's call it honey gold.

This lovely stone is begging for your name to be engraved in Chinese to make an awesome stamp. We are ready to fulfill this wish. Our master engraver will take your name translated by our master translator (Chinese people love using the word master, seen Gong Fu panda?) and hand carve it into the stamp face. 

He does this full time so is really good at it. We also check each chop to make sure the stamp impressions are clear and smooth before sending them out. So you are sure to have an excellent seal engraving on a top quality stone. This is a product that can last a lifetime and be used over and over again.

Fonts include both the ancient seal script or more modern Chinese. Additionally, you can have your name in English as well (provided it is not too long!)

Chinese seal engraving features:

  • Translucent "honey gold" square

  • 2.8 X 2.8 X 7 CM (1.10 X 1.10 X 2.75 inches)

  • Hand made and engraved by a master

  • Customize with one of 5 different fonts 

  • Free gift box with ink set purchase

  • Free name translation by our expert

  • Great reviews on Etsy!

Chinese calligraphers use these for signing their names on their art. Chinese emperors used them for sealing official decrees and edicts. What will you use for? Get your Chinese seal engraving today and find out!

Chinese Seal Engraving - Honey Gold Square

  • Product Code: Chinese Seal Engraving - Honey Square
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $30.95

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