What would it have been like for an emperor of China long ago? It was exclusive to be at the top. Only the emperor was allowed to use a stone seal. No one else in the kingdom was important enough to have one. Fast forward 3000 years. Things have changed. Now anyone is allowed to have their own Chinese name chop. If they can find a place worthy enough to make one. That is where we come in to help you!

Firstly, our expert translator can help you to translate your name into proper Chinese characters. Or you can send in the Chinese symbols if you already have a Chinese name. Secondly, we will hand carve into this fun pink stone, which is completely completely. Before shipping we will carefully inspect the Chinese name chop and the stamp it produces to make sure it gives the best impossible impression which will really jump out on paper. The sample stamp image it creates will be included on a small piece of rice paper which will be shipped with your order. If you order an ink set a decorative gift box, porcelain ink set, and elegant draw string bag to hold your chop will all be included.

Fonts include both the ancient seal script or more modern Chinese. Additionally, you can have your name in English as well (provided it is not too long!)

Chinese chop features:

  • All natural pink stone (yours may vary from picture)

  • 0.78 inch (2 CM) face

  • Hand made and engraved by a master

  • Customize with one of 5 different fonts 

  • Free gift box with ink set purchase

  • Free name translation by our expert

  • Great reviews on Etsy!

Chinese seals have been around for a long time, being almost as old as China itself. Few things are as traditional and revered in Chinese art as seals, the making of which are considered to be one of the top four artistic disciplines in the Middle Kingdom. And now in only minutes you can customize your very own. One has very keen sense of ownership when imprinting his or her name onto something which can be passed down for generations (like Chinese art) or given as a truly distinctive gift.

What would a name chop be used for you ask? I am glad you asked. It would be used for imprinting your name. Where do you want your name? Come on, only you know that!

I would want my name on my art, if I was good enough to make good art. Or a greeting card. A letter to a friend. In a scrapbook. On the ceiling above my bed so I could stare at it in its glory all the time? Hmm. But I don't know where you want your name. Order a Chinese name chop today and figure it out.

Chinese Name Chop - Pink Square

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