Pronunciation in Pinyin: Zu2 Wai4 Tao2 Hua1 San1 Liang3 Zhi1,Chun1 Jiang1 Shui2 Nuan3 Ya1 Xian1 Zhi1

Poem Translation: There are several branches of peach flower beside the thick bamboo, Spring comes, and the ducks on the water are the first to know of spring's warmth

About the Poem and Writer: This Song Dynasty poem was written by Su Shi (1037-1101). He is one of the best artists in Chiense history and is known for his picturesque paintings, smooth calligraphy, and heartfelt poetry. One style of calligraphy is named after him as well as one style of traditional Chinese paintings. In classic Chinese art it is common to combine poetry with paintings and calligraphy. An artist will paint a picture in the background and in the foreground inscribe it with a poem in calligraphy. Combining paintings with poems make both more meaningful. This poem was written by Su Shi specifically for one of his most famous paintings, titled "Spring River Morning Sense." In it he expresses the simple pleasures and beauty of springtime.

The red scroll photo is a computerized image representing what the characters in the scroll are. The gold scroll photo is an actual hand painted scroll, but the characters may be different. All scrolls are 100% hand made and hand painted.

Script: Poem will be written in the Lishu official calligraphy script. This popular style is clear and smooth.

Size: 11" X 32" (25Cm X 80 Cm) - Also available in larger sizes

Click links for flower background example, bamboo background, and bamboo and butterfly background.

Also you can choose a custom inscription, perfect for gifts! Click link for an example of a personalized message in English. You can choose any message for your own inscription. The length of the scroll may be adjusted slightly to accommodate your inscription.

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