We will translate any name into Chinese for a custom made rice paper calligraphy. This item is 4 X 6 (inches) so it will fit into a pre-made frame (not included). Normally every syllable in your English name will equate to one Chinese symbol. We choose the Chinese characters for your name based on sound so that your Chinese name will sound like your English name. There are thousands of characters to choose from and we will choose the characters with best meaning. In China the meanings of names are very important, unlike in the West where a lot of people don't even know the meaning of their name. When translating a name into Chinese we try to pick out characters that portray positive character qualities such as strength, power, intelligent, graceful, etc.

Additional Options:

  • Add your English name under the Chinese calligraphy
  • Add a background, either bamboo or flowers.

4 X 6 Name in Chinese

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