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Bushido Code of the Samurai Japanese Kanji and Chinese Calligraphy Scrolls

Golden Pavilion in Japan "Bushido" means "Way of the Warrior." This code describes the code of conduct adhered to by the ancient Japanese Samurai. It is a little bit similar to the Western concept of chivalry. This is a unique philosophy that dominated Japan from the the 9th century until the 20th century when the Samurai way of life became extinct.

This philosophy boasted seven important virtues including rectitude, courage, benevolence, respect, honesty, honor, and loyalty. Each of those virtues defined how the Samurai lived. Although the way of the warrior has died out the Bushido code of the Samurai still has a major impact on Japanese society where these virtues still define what a good Japanese should be like.

Although primarily followed in Japan this code has influenced the culture of all Southeast Asia including Korea and China.

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Bushido Way of the Warrior Benevolence Bravery Honesty

Code of Bushido Kanji Character Wall ScrollBushido Benevolence ScrollCode of Bushido Bravery Wall Scroll Tenets of Bushido Honesty Scroll

Honor Respect Rectitude Wisdom

Bushido Calligraphy for Honor Bushido The Way of the Samurai Respect Scroll Bushido Seven Virtues - Rectitude ScrollBushido Code of Conduct Wisdom Scroll

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