Articles on China and Interesting Aspects of Chinese Culture

About Chinese Calligraphy

How to Write Chinese Calligraphy Online Tutorial

Learn Your Name in Chinese

How to Make a Chinese Wall Scroll

Chinese Scroll Tools of the Trade

5 Interesting Facts About Chinese Culture

5 Things Chinese do Westerners Don’t

5 Taboos to Avoid in Chinese Culture

5 Chinese Cultural Traditions – Learn about 5 interesting Chinese traditions you have probably never heard of.

5 Leisure Activities in China – What do people do during their free time in the Middle Kingdom? Find out here.

5 Tips on Negotiating in China – Learn 5 basic tips to increase your skill at negotiating.

5 Positive Character Traits of Chinese People – Consider some of the good qualities of Chinese people.

5 Culture Shocks of Living in China – Brace yourselves mentally for these shocking aspects of Chinese culture.

5 Reasons Chinese are Healthy and Fit – These five aspects of Chinese society can help you become fit.

25 Fun and Cheap Things to Do to Experience Chinese Culture – This list will give you an up close view of Chinese culture.

10 Weird Chinese Foods – Here is a list of the weirdest of the weird foods I have ever eaten in China.

Bamboo in Chinese Culture – Bamboo is so much more than just panda food.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival – One of the longest and most influential festivals anywhere in the world.

“Lucky” and “Unlucky” Chinese numbers – Don’t be caught unaware about commonplace Chinese superstition.

Old Chinese Proverbs and Idioms with Pin Yin, Characters, Audio, and English Translation

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