About Calligraphy for God

Calligraphy for God is a family run business operated by Jason and Christy. Christy Luo has been honing her calligraphy scrolls for two and a half decades. She is not only naturally talented, but extremely disciplined and still loves to use her free time free style practicing new styles or forms. Fifteen years ago friends took notice of her artwork and begged her to make it for them. This soon became a business with her scrolls being shipping all over the over world.

Making others happy with her art is a dream come true. She can do this at home while taking care of her four children. At the same time, many of the calligraphy pieces she makes are highly meaningful and the unique messages inside create wonderful memories for all of you.

As people have requested more Chinese art items, we have gradually expanded to offer all manner of hand engraved seals and art supplies.

Meanwhile, Jason helps with customer service, photos, and “techy” stuff. With our unique bi-cultural background and experience, we are uniquely positioned to provide authentic Chinese art items and top quality international customer service.

In addition to this website, you can view our items on our highly successful Etsy store. With hundreds of five star reviews and more coming by the day, you can buy with confidence knowing we will do our very best to make you fully satisfied.

Check out our store policies page for processing information and more.

See a few of our popular hand made items below.

Jason and Christy
Jason and ChristyOwner/Designer/Artist