Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order?

Go to our products page. Customize your calligraphy with the options on the page including color, style, and content of art. Click the "Add to Cart" and pay quickly and securely through PayPal, Amazon, or Google checkouts using your credit card or bank account. Finally, confirm your order. In less than two minutes you can order beautiful Christian Chinese calligraphy with your favorite Bible verse.

What is Your Privacy Policy?

Please see our Privacy Policy.

Where do You Ship?


What process do you use to make the scrolls?

Visit our page on how we make a Chinese wall scroll for more info.

Why should I order from you instead of a bigger outfit?

1. Since we are small we are able to give you personalized care and ensure that you are happy and the job gets done right.

2. We will deal with integrity since we believe that God wants us to treat others as we would want them to treat us.

3. The money you spend is helping to support God's work in Asia.

What kind of custom art is available?

See our products page for details. We primarily offer scrolls and calligraphy paintings to go in picture frames. If you have special requests we should be able to help you with that too. The most popular artwork are Bible verses, a person's name (translated in to Chinese), Chinese proverbs, or specific words such as "faith", "love", "hope". All of these are done in Chinese. Again, if you have special requests we can help you with that and also translate from English for you.

How do I know what the calligraphy says since I don't read Chinese?

Our artwork is custom-made so you will tell us what you want on the artwork. Also we will provide an English translation free of charge to go along with your order.

Why order Chinese calligraphy?

It makes for great wall-hangings, adding a touch of Asian culture to your house. It will be a great conversation starter and chance to share your faith with others. Our artwork is also popular among families who have adopted Chinese children. Very pretty and elegant, the calligraphy is a great gift item. They are also popular for missionaries to give them to their donors or friends back home.

Do you sell any products without a Christian theme?

Almost everything we sell is custom-made. Although a large part of our customer base are Christians we can also do artwork that doesn't have a Christian theme. For example we can do Chinese idioms or phrases or translate your name to Chinese. Just tell us what you want.

Where are you located?

We are serving in Asia. All the artwork will be done by our artist there and then shipped to you.

How will you ship the items and how long will it take to arrive?

Now you can receive your art faster than ever before! We have recently upgraded ALL orders from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia to a new and fast airmail shipping service called ePacket, which is a cooperation between China Post and other international postal services. Expected shipping times are 7-14 days. Each item is registered and we will send you its tracking number after shipment. Orders from other countries will be shipped standard and expected shipping time is 3-4 weeks.

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