Calligraphy for God is run by a Christian couple, Jason and Christy Dexter (us!). Currently we are serving the Lord in Asia by sharing the gospel and raising up disciples. Christy is quite gifted in art and has had a hobby of Chinese calligraphy for many years. She has spent scores of hours painstakingly practicing and learning from many Chinese books. Also she has filled many orders already and you can view her previous customers' testimonials. We love the people here and have a two-fold purpose for this website and the calligraphy offerred.

1. We believe that Chinese Bible verse calligraphy is an excellent way to spread the love of God in a language spoken by almost 20% of the world's people. Many individuals have already been blessed by Christy's artwork and enjoy having something Biblical connected to Chinese culture.

2. We hope that this will provide a source of "tentmaking" income for us to help support ourselves as we serve here. As such, we believe that many people who love China and also want these products would like order through us to receive both excellent artwork and help bless God's work.

Below are pictures of Christy hard at work writing the custom calligraphy and Jason playing around attempting some very primitive characters. It takes years of continuous practice combined with natural talent and Jason has neither. He learned from Christy after the picture that he wasn't even holding the brush right. We think we will leave the calligraphy work to the expert.

Christy writing Chinese calligraphy Jason attempting Chinese calligraphy  

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