Chinese Calligraphy Proverb Scrolls - Customize Your Own Chinese Art Scrolls with an Ancient Chinese Proverb

Chinese stone lion statueChinese proverbs are as old as Chinese culture itself. Through China's long history each era has produced hundreds of popular Chinese sayings. Dictionaries now list as many as 20,000 idioms (cheng yu) and 5,000 proverbs (yan yu). They became famous largely for the stories behind them, stories of love and war, heroes and villians, powerful kings and common farmers. These stories embody the spirit and morale of the Chinese people. Popular ancient Chinese proverbs are a concise way to communicate to others the value of hard work, committment, wise planning, and a plethora of other important virtues.

Chinese calligraphy artwork is an ancient and aesthetic discipline in China that often combines natural beauty with words of wisdom. Our Chinese calligraphy paintings are a great way to bring a little Asian beauty and culture into your own home. Among our many other products, we offer custom Chinese proverb scrolls. Choose your favorite proverb scrolls from below and browse our extensive list of Chinese sayings, select a Chinese art scroll style and color and order immediately and securely by credit card or bank account by Pay Pal.

Bamboo and Butterfly Background Painting - Add Bamboo or Butterflies to Any Scroll Below Flower Background Painting Example - Add Flowers to Any Scroll Below

Hand Painted butterflies and bamboo in background of Asian calligraphy artBible verse Chinese calligraphy scroll for a Christian virtue


Chinese Proverb Calligraphy Art Scrolls - Only $24.99!

Heaven Rewards the Diligent The Content Are Always Joyful The Calm At Heart Will Achieve Great Things Peace in the Home Brings Prosperity to All

The Content Are Always Joyful Proverb Scroll Indominatable Chinese Virtue Scroll Chinese Proverb about Calm Heart Peace in the Home Chinese Proverb

Chinese Proverb Scroll about Contentment

Flexibility is a Sublime Virtue Integrity Brings Prosperous Business All Rivers Flow to the Sea The Diligent Will Do Excellent Work

Chineese Proverb about flexibility Chineese Proverb scroll about integrity Chineese Proverb scroll about being broad minded Chinese Proverb scroll about being diligent

A Person of Great Virtue Can Bear All Things Choose Any Proverb for a Custom Scroll!

Chineese Proverb about virtue and tolerance Chineese Proverb custom phrase scroll

Chinese Good Wishes Proverb Scrolls - Excellent for Giving as Wedding Gifts - Only $24.99

A Horse Brings Victory Live to be as Old as Pine Trees and Egrets Abundant Joy and Fortune House Filled With Gold and Jade

Chineese Proverb good wish about sucess Chineese Proverb good wish for longevity Chineese Proverb good wish for fortune and joy Chineese Proverb good wish for fortune and prosperity

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