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Chinese Informational Articles

About Chinese Calligraphy

How to Write Chinese Calligraphy Online Tutorial

How to Make a Chinese Wall Scroll

Chinese Scroll Tools of the Trade

5 Interesting Facts About Chinese Culture

5 Things Chinese do Westerners Don't

5 Taboos to Avoid in Chinese Culture

5 Chinese Cultural Traditions - Learn about 5 interesting Chinese traditions you have probably never heard of.

5 Leisure Activities in China - What do people do during their free time in the Middle Kingdom? Find out here.

5 Tips on Negotiating in China - Learn 5 basic tips to increase your skill at negotiating.

5 Positive Character Traits of Chinese People - Consider some of the good qualities of Chinese people.

5 Culture Shocks of Living in China - Brace yourselves mentally for these shocking aspects of Chinese culture.

5 Reasons Chinese are Healthy and Fit - These five aspects of Chinese society can help you become fit.

25 Fun and Cheap Things to Do to Experience Chinese Culture - This list will give you an up close view of Chinese culture.

10 Weird Chinese Foods - Here is a list of the weirdest of the weird foods I have ever eaten in China.

Bamboo in Chinese Culture - Bamboo is so much more than just panda food.

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival - One of the longest and most influential festivals anywhere in the world.

"Lucky" and "Unlucky" Chinese numbers - Don't be caught unaware about commonplace Chinese superstition.

Old Chinese Proverbs and Idioms with Pin Yin, Characters, Audio, and English Translation

Stories of China

Chinese Bus Ride Adventure

Chinese Boat Ride Adventure

Christian Resources

List of Bible Verses on Adoption

Free Inductive Bible Study Notes Book by Book and Chapter by Chapter

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