Chinese and Christian Virtues Calligraphy Wall Scrolls

Choose from our extensive selection of Chinese virtues or morals for a hand made calligraphy wall scroll. Many of the characters for the virtues below are commonly used in Chinese culture. You will also find in our list below many of the same virtues as in the Bible including the famous fruits of the Spirit.

These Chinese virtue wall scrolls are excellent reminders to live our lives in the right way and treat others the way we want to be treated. In Chinese culture it is common to give others good wishes and you will find many good wish scrolls below. Chinese symbols have a deep meaning and we have chosen the best symbols that are commonly used in China and also represent virtues that are meaningful to a Judeo-Christian Western background.

All items are 100% handmade and customizable. Choose flower, bamboo, or butterfly and bamboo backgrounds for any scroll!

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Bamboo and Butterfly Background Painting Example Flower Background Painting Example

Hand Painted butterflies and bamboo in background of Asian calligraphy artBible verse Chinese calligraphy scroll for a Christian virtue

Chinese Virtue Scrolls A-L - Easy to Customize and Order!

Adoring Love Affection Auspicious Beautiful

Adoring Love Chinese Calligraphy ScrollAffection Chinese Calligraphy ScrollAuspicious Chinese Calligraphy ScrollBeautiful Chinese Calligraphy Scroll

Beauty in Spirit Be Positive Blessed Blessing

Beauty in Spirit Chinese Virtue ScrollBe Positive Chinese Virtue ScrollBlessed Chinese Virtue ScrollBlessing Chinese Virtue Scroll

Bravery Calm and Collected Charitable Chastity

Bravery Chinese Virtue ScrollCalm and Collected Chinese Virtue ScrollCharitable Chinese Virtue ScrollChastity Chinese Virtue Scroll

Compassion Contentment Cool Headed Cooperation

Compassion Chinese Calligraphy ScrollContentmnet Chinese Calligraphy ScrollCool Headed Chinese Calligraphy ScrollBeautiful Chinese Calligraphy Scroll

Courageous Courtesy Determination Diligent

Courageous Chinese Virtue ScrollCourtesy Chinese Virtue ScrollDetermination Chinese Virtue ScrollDilligent Chinese Virtue Scroll

Enthusiastic Excellence Faithfulness Faith

Enthusiastic Chinese Virtue ScrollExcellence Chinese Virtue ScrollFaithfulness Chinese Virtue ScrollFaith Chinese Virtue Scroll

Filial Piety Foresight Forgiving Freedom

Filial Piety Chinese Calligraphy ScrollForgiving Chinese Calligraphy ScrollForgiving Chinese Calligraphy ScrollFreedom Chinese Calligraphy Scroll

Friendliness Friendship Gentleness Glowing Spirit

Friendliness Chinese Virtue ScrollFriendship Chinese Virtue ScrollGentleness Chinese Virtue ScrollGlowing Spirit Chinese Virtue Scroll

Good Health Goodness Gorgeous Grace

Good Health Chinese Virtue ScrollGoodness Chinese Virtue ScrollGorgeous Chinese Virtue ScrollGrace Chinese Virtue Scroll

Happiness Harmony Holiness Honesty

Happiness Chinese Virtue ScrollHarmony Chinese Virtue ScrollHoliness Chinese Virtue ScrollHonesty Chinese Virtue Scroll

Hope Hospitable Humility Independent

Hope Chinese Virtue ScrollHospitable Chinese Virtue ScrollHumility Chinese Virtue ScrollIndependent Chinese Virtue Scroll

Joy Justice Kindness Longevity

Joy Chinese Virtue ScrollJustice Chinese Virtue ScrollKindness Chinese Virtue ScrollLongevity Chinese Virtue Scroll


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3-4 Characters Chinese Virtue Scrolls

Brotherly Love Creativity Dependable Determined

Brotherly Love Chinese Virtue ScrollCreativity Chinese Virtue ScrollDependable Chinese Virtue ScrollIndependent Chinese Virtue Scroll

Do Right Flexibility Healthy Lifestyle Helpfulness

Do Right Chinese Virtue ScrollFlexibility Chinese Virtue ScrollHealthy Lifestyle Chinese Virtue ScrollIndependent Chinese Virtue Scroll

Imagination Indominatable Industrious Inner Peace

Imagination Chinese Virtue ScrollIndominatable Chinese Virtue ScrollIndustrious Chinese Virtue ScrollInner Peace Chinese Virtue Scroll


Chinese Virtues Calligraphy Art

4 X 6 Chinese Calligraphy Virtue - $4.99 4 X 6 Chinese Calligraphy Christian Virtue with Bamboo $6.99
13.5 X 13.5 Single Character Virtue Framed 44.99

Grace Christian Virtue in Chinese calligraphyHand Painted Bamboo with Chinese Calligraphy Christian character qualitySingle character Chinese calligraphy symbol hand painted

Choose Any Virtue for a Custom Scroll -$24.99 Christian Virtue Bible Verse Calligraphy Scroll - $34.99 Three Character Faith, Hope, Love Set $94.99

Custom Chinese virtue scrollBible verse Chinese calligraphy scroll for a Christian virtueThree Chinese Symbol Set Faith, Hope, Love

Click on any of the words below to see how they look in Chinese calligraphy characters, as well as learn their pronunciation and listen to an audio recording teaching you how to say them in Chinese.

Learn Joy in Chinese Learn Love in Chinese Learn Peace in Chinese Learn Patience in Chinese Learn Kindness in Chinese Learn Goodness in Chinese Learn Faithfulness in Chinese
Learn Faith in Chinese Self Control in Chinese Learn Gentleness in Chinese Learn Righteousness in Chinese Learn Holiness in Chinese Learn Prayer in Chinese Learn Humility in Chinese
Learn Grace in Chinese Learn Blessing in Chinese Learn Obedience in Chinese Learn Courageous in Chinese Learn Hope in Chinese Learn Brave in Chinese Learn Forgiving in Chinese

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