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Chinese Characters History in China

It has been popular in China to hang Chinese character art in the home or over the door for millenia. Most Chinese words are compound, meaning that they combine two or more characters to form one word. However, some characters are able to stand alone, largely because of their widespread use and deep meaning.

Chinese also love to give good wishes to others, using these meaningful Chinese characters. Many of these characters are recited as parts of proverbs or poems or sometimes on their own as part of well wishing. It is especially popular to bless others with good wishes during festivals like Chinese New Year or for special events such as weddings. Giving a symbol scroll for blessing, happiness, or prosperity is a meaningful gift.

We have compiled a list of popular single characters that look great on scrolls!

These symbols espouse many of the virtues of Chinese culture such as love, joy, and wisdom. Many of these same character qualities are widely regarded in the Western world. All of our scrolls are customizable by size and silk edging color. Simply browse our collection of scrolls, select the one you want, and customize it.

100% Hand Painted and Great Prices!

All of our calligraphy is completely hand painted, no printing or machines here. We have spent tens of hours scouring the web comparing prices and features, and are confident our prices are the best on the web!

Authentic Chinese Character Art  Scrolls - Just $22.99

Love Peace Double Happiness Faith

Love Single Character Chinese Calligraphy ScrollPeace Single Character Chinese Calligraphy ScrollDouble Happiness Single Character Chinese Calligraphy ScrollFaith Single Character Chinese Calligraphy Scroll

Strength Wisdom Blessing Calm

Strength Single Character Chinese Calligraphy ScrollWisdom Single Chinese Character Art ScrollBlessing Single Character Chinese Calligraphy ScrollCalm Single Chinese Character Art Scroll

Balance Endures Qi - Life Energy Forever

Balance Single Chinese Character Art ScrollEndures Single Character Chinese Calligraphy ScrollLife Energy Qi Single Character Chinese Calligraphy ScrollForever Single Character Chinese Calligraphy Scroll

Goodness Grace Holiness Hope

Goodness Single Character Chinese Calligraphy ScrollGrace Single Character Chinese Calligraphy ScrollHoliness Single Chinese Character Art ScrollHope Single Chinese Character Art Scroll

Joy Longevity Righteousness Wisdom

Joy Single Chinese Character Art ScrollLongevity Single Chinese Character Art ScrollRighteousness Single Chinese Character Art ScrollWisdom Chinese Scroll


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