I have one of Christy's beautiful pieces of calligraphy in my dinning room.  As guest see the calligraphy they will often comment on how lovely it is and will ask questions like "Have you been to China"?   "Do you know what it says." ?   This leads to a conversation about what the verse of scripture  and an opportunity to share Christ love and his plan of salvation.  The verse is 2 Corinthians 5:21  He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf,that we might become the righteous of God in Him.    Another conversation that often ensues from the artwork is a time to talk about missionary work in China and around the world.   This is not just a piece of artwork, but a tool that can be used for the gospel.

- Janice

We received our Bible Verse! Excited to open it and see the work done for us, we were not disappointed! It was wonderful and we love it! Christy does beautiful work!

-Sheri Hamming

I LOVE IT!!! My husband is going to be blown away when he opens this! I know it's just a language, words, something we all do every day but it is just really so special. I just love it.


We received the calligraphy and it is BEAUTIFUL! We are excited to be able to share them with the church! Thank you so much for helping us with this project.

- Joni

I received my item today and it is lovely!


I received the scroll today. It is BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much!


I am so grateful for what you and Christy are doing in serving the Lord and in being so creative! I am placing an order for my best friend (we've been friends for over 31 years) and she was a missionary in Asia for years. She always says, "even though I am an American, my heart is Chinese." So she will be delighted to have a piece of your artwork!!!

- Karen

The calligraphy was excellently done and my friends enjoyed receiving them. The artist incorporated the English into the pictures beautifully. There was clear and quick communication from them and they made sure that the order was well done and finished on time.

- Rachel

I am pleased to say the scroll has arrived! It is really beautiful work.

- Karen T.

The scroll I got is absolutely stunning - thank you so much Jason!!


Just wanted to let you know that we received the scroll and it looks great.  We gave it to a friend for their wedding, and they loved it.  Thanks so much.



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